Streamlined investor relations

Whether you’re looking to reach new investors, keep your existing shareholders up-to-date or enhance the public face of your company, we work with you to develop the perfect solution.

Our aim when building any website is to improve your position, helping convert prospects to investors and, where appropriate, encouraging your existing investors to become bigger ones.

Our focus on creating a website that answers all the right questions and helps your investors find the information they need reduces the burden on your investor relations team, leaving them free to work on other aspects of client-building.

Getting ready to IPO

If you're planning to IPO we'll help you get your website ready for the big day. Our team will also help make sure your site is compliant in all the relevant jurisdictions and provide round the clock support when it comes to announcing your Intention to Float and making pricing announcements.

More about IPO websites

Listing on AIM

We can also help you get your company website set up ready for a listing on AIM, the Alternative Investment Market. Our team knows exactly what's required and will guide you through the whole process - creating a website that helps market your company while meeting AIM regulations like Rule 26.

Websites for AIM listings

Industry knowledge & experience

Copia works with listed companies of all sizes - those going through their first IPO, foreign firms seeking a dual listing in London and even a company that has been listed for more than 50 years. This wealth of experience means that at Copia you will find a team that understands your business and the wider industry. From everyday market management terminology to the unique regulatory requirements of listing authorities, we recognise and meet your needs.